Synopsis: SortPics is an image viewer, image sorter, and duplicate detector. It's designed for people who have a lot of images to go through, and need to categorize them quickly and efficiently. Supports jpg / jpeg, gif, bmp, emf, wmf, and more!

The current version is 2.9, released 6/22/2006 !

  Download the 32-bit version! Download the 32-bit version [srtpic29.exe] (Self-extracting install, Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)
(also available as a zip archive)

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the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [sortpics.html]
We also have a new illustrated tutorial [sortpics_tutorial.html]
  Screen shots of SortPics in action! [shots.html]  
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Sortpics is compatible with ALL recent versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP!

    Program Description

SortPics is a handy tool to sort large collections of pictures into multiple categories. SortPics handles all of the common internet file formats that you're likely to encounter -- including jpeg (jpg) and gif, the two most popular formats on the web. SortPics even ands windows metafile (WMF) vector files. It's special features include:

  • Support for an unlimited number of categories
  • Categories may be partitioned into "banks" for topical access
  • Automatic visual duplicate checker catches duplicates as you work
  • User configurable Hot Keys for sorting files
  • One click file categorization

A lot of work has gone into the graphical user interface that is implemented in SortPics to ensure that you are able to categorize the pictures that you have downloaded quickly and efficiently. The main window allows you to not only see the current image that you are working on, but also any duplicate images. The right hand panel includes a bunch of quick-category buttons that you can click to move an image in one simple step -- or you can assign hot keys if you prefer using the keyboard.

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